Music makes the wedding!  In fact, it's the centerpiece of your wedding - and great, joyous, dynamic wedding music bands will make your event truly special and memorable. The Love Revival Orchestra is not your typical NYC Wedding Band.  We are able offer boutique-style service because we are a REAL band - with world-class musicians who've played hundreds of gigs together and are great friends - we're not a company running a conglomerate of musicians that overbook several dates on the same day and throw together whatever musicians are on their roster.  If we book a date with you we give your date the love, joy, professionalism and attention to detail that is second to none in the industry.


Serving New York, New Jersey, New England, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC and Los Angeles & Southern California, the Love Revival is based in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, but also available for destination weddings around the globe.  This is not your cheesy, going-through-the-motions tired, old group - this is a Love-powered celebration guaranteed to make your wedding the best party your guests have ever been to!


The Love Revival Orchestra prides itself on versatility and working with clients to develop the best possible musical palette, offering a variety of music like no other band in the world.

Music makes the wedding!

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