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Advice from our Wedding Hero: Erin Crosby of Pickles and Pies

Meet Our Amazing Vocal Artist Erin Crosby. Not only does she only lend her incredible pipes to The Love Revival Orchestra but she's also the founder of Pickles and Pies, a company that specializes in wedding planning, coordination, styling, floral arrangement, custom design and art. Her work has been featured in multiple wedding publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty and many more. Here's some great advice from this all around wedding hero!

What is the number one thing that brides stress about that they shouldn't?

“Perfection. We can come close to it, but it's all a matter of the mind. If you stress out about things being "perfect" the whole time, you'll never let your hair down to be able to enjoy all the amazing moments around you. The best things that usually happen at a wedding are the unplanned and unexpected moments. I can tell you from experience that rain has never ruined a wedding I've been to. It's made them more fun, and given many more memories.”

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

“I have a hard time picking one, so I'll tell you two. I love the moment right after the ceremony is over and my couple has just finished walking up the aisle together. It's the next 10 minutes that are my favorite. Watching a couple alone for a few minutes with it sinking in what just happened and that they did it. It's also the only time for the rest of the night that they are completely alone. So watching people deeply love with each other is a personal view that I'm so lucky to be able to witness.

The second thing I love is the guests. It's so special watching people coming together from all over the country and sometimes the world and all parts of someone's life to be in the same room to celebrate. It's really incredible watching the high school friend becoming buddies with the work friend. Or the new in-laws getting down on the dance floor together celebrating their children.”

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